лGymnasiaа 139,

Omsk Origami centre

Information bulletin.


II Siberianа festivalа

лMagic world of origami

will be held in Omsk at Gymnasiaа ╣ 139

28 Ц 29 March 2011.



The program includes:




Fair of ideas,а creative Laboratory of learning students




Master class, practical studies

        The fine art for teachers of primary school, kindergarten
andа teachers of supplementary education.


        Recent publications in the field of Origami on different themes and different levels of difficulties.


Theme exhibitions:

  • Zoo
  • Flora
  • Worldа of polyhedrons
  • Underwaterа world

        Ornaments, mosaic, design




Creative competitionsа among:

  • Puppet theatresа of Origami
  • Fashionа theatres
  • Mini Ц Max models from the biggest and smallest square.



Organizingа committee will take

Application for taking part up to 20 march 2011;

Schemes of inventions Ц up to 10 February 2011.

It isа necessary to point out:а the competition you are going to take part in;

the audience of master class or practical study you are planning to conduct individually.

A book of materials is planned to be published.

Registrationа paymentа of each participant Ц 300 roubles (for being present) andа 200 roubles (for external participation).

The payment must be sent by mail transfer.

Materials, applications are sent in care for the address:

Russia, 644112, Omsk, mail box 1637, Belim Svetlana Nikolayevna

Or e-mail s139@mail.ru,а snbelim@mail.ru

Telephone for information:а (3812)72-73-06


Yours faithfully,

S.N. Belim

Methodical leader of

Omsk Origami Centre




P.S. Omsk Origamiа center is 16 years.

For this period of timeа it heldа 9 conferences "Origami in the learning processФ andа the 1st Siberian Festival ФWonderful world of origami in Russia".

In the 1st Siberian Festival "Wonderful world of origami in Russia" 305 origamists from 43 cities and towns of Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, Britain, France and Colombia, participated.

At the Festival creative art works of students were displayed interestingly. Children of different ages were presenting their inventions in origami, theirа research projects with the elements of origami, puppet shows and puppet theater fashions.

As result of the Festival thesis book was published and Photo-video report on DVD was prepared. Short photo-reportа you can see also here.










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